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Al Jazeera, People & Power


Recent: Authoritarian America, in 2 parts 

Previous shows: Saving NYC ,Trump vs California; The Strange Death of American Civility; Disinformation & Democracy; The Constitution vs Trump;Jobs; What’s Happening to American Democracy; Tech Threat; American Power & the Fracking Boom

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Lost Springs

documentary short

Animalus Mundi

A series following Urs J. around the world exploring the  festivals and rituals that celebrate our ancient symbiosis with animals.

This time its elephants, fire walking & extreme body piercing ( his own...) in Sri Lanka. 

La Rapa das Bestas

For a few days every July, the small village of Sabucedo, Spain holds its annual wild horses round up & wrestling festival ( thats wrestling horses...)  maintaining a tradition dating back hundreds of years.


work in progress


With over 25 new species named after him, naturalist Charles Brewer has spent his life exploring the remote jungles of his native Venezuela searching for the “odd & extraordinary.”

We go with Charles deep inside recently discovered caves high atop a tepuis in the Chimantá Massif of southern Venezuela.

Cristo Rey 


For several days every year Mexican cowboys ride across the rugged mountains of central Mexico in an annual religious pilgrimage to Cristo Rey. 

Along the way they renew family ties & try to hold onto a faded way of life.


Broadcast spots for the Cuomo for governor campaign. 

Giuliani Time


Feature documentary looks deep into the world famous mayor’s ‘new’ New York and his controversial policies.

Premiere: Rotterdam International Festival 

The New Yorker, May 17, 2018:

Best Documentary, Silverlake Film Festival

NY TImes: "deft use of archival footage & interviews...".

Variety: “first rate...superb use of footage"

The Afghan Solution

Feature documentary focuses on the country’s  5 major ethnic groups attempts to share power in a nation that's been in a perpetual state of war since the 1980's. 

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